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  1. This will be a simple overview of what every reward is for the diary's. For now it will be extremely simple but i will make it look alot better in the near future. Just wanted to get this out there for everyone. Varrock Easy: 10% higher chance at marks of grace at Varrock and 10% chance of mining 2 ores at once. Also after completion of the easy and medium Varrock Diaries, You're allowed to purchase 150 Battlestaffs a day from Aubury, as well as ironmen being able too purchase runes and mystics from Aubury. Medium: 20% higher chance at marks of grace at Varrock and 20% chance of mining 2 ores at once. Also after completion of the easy and medium Varrock Diaries, You're allowed to purchase 150 Battlestaffs a day from Aubury, as well as ironmen being able too purchase runes and mystics from Aubury. Hard: 30% higher chance at marks of grace at Varrock and 40% chance of mining 2 ores at once Elite: 50% higher chance at marks of grace at Varrock and 60% chance of mining 2 ores at once Ardougne Easy: 10% higher chance at marks of grace in Ardougne Medium: 20% higher chance at marks of grace in Ardougne Hard: 30% higher chance at marks of grace in Ardougne Elite: 50% higher chance at marks of grace in Ardougne Desert Easy: N/A Medium: N/A Hard: N/A Elite: Unlimited teleports to the Nardah Elidinis statuette where you can recharge hitpoints, prayer and run energy ; Unlimited teleports to Kalphite cave ; Shortcut to KQ Falador Easy: 25% prayer replenish once a day Medium: 50% prayer replenish once a day and 5% higher chance of receiving a clue scroll Hard: 100% prayer replenish once a day and 10% higher chance of receiving a clue scroll Elite 100% prayer replenish twice a day, access to giant mole cave in Falador park and 20% higher chance of receiving a clue scroll Fremennik Easy: 20% less coins cost to charge the trident of seas Medium: 40% less coins cost to charge the trident of seas Hard: 60% less coins cost to charge the trident of seas Elite: Dagannoth bones are dropped in noted form and no coin cost to charge the trident of the seas Kandarin Easy: 10% higher chance at marks of grace at seers Medium: 20% higher chance at marks of grace at seers Hard: 30% higher chance at marks of grace at seers and 10% higher chance to activate bolt specials Elite: 50% higher chance at marks of grace at seers and 10% higher chance to activate bolt specials Karamja Easy: 5% cheaper in the tokkul shop and 10% more tokkul in drops Medium: 10% cheaper in the tokkul shop and 30% more tokkul in drops Hard: 15% cheaper in the tokkul shop and 50% more tokkul in drops Elite: 25% cheaper in the tokkul shop and 80% more tokkul in drops Lumbridge & Draynor Easy: 50% run energy replenish twice a day Medium: 50% run energy replenish 3 times a day Hard: 50% run energy replenish 4 times a day Elite: 100% run energy replenish 3 time a day and 30 casts of High Level Alchemy per day Mortyania Easy: N/A Medium: 10% extra slayer experience while in the slayer tower Hard: 75% prayer experience gained with a bone crusher and 10% extra slayer experience while in the slayer tower Elite: 100% prayer experience gained with a bone crusher and 50% more runes from the barrows chest and 10% extra experience while in the slayer tower. As well as after completion of Morytania Elited Diaries the "Last Location" Option from the Ring of Charos Is Unlocked. Western Easy: 10% cheaper to repair items Medium: 20% cheaper to repair items Hard: 30% cheaper to repair items and 1 free purchase of your items back at Zulrah or Cerberus Elite: 50% cheaper to repair items, 1 free purchase of your items back at Zulrah or Cerberus and the ability to create a crystal halberd using 1 crystal on the weird old man Wilderness Easy: 100% chance of cutting through the wilderness webs. As well having the option to ask Oziach to turn your Dragonic Visage, and your Anti-Dragonfire shield into a Dragonfire Shield, For the cost of 5 vote tickets and 500k cash. Medium: 100% chance of cutting through the wilderness webs and 20% cheaper fee to enter the resource area Hard: 100% chance of cutting through the wilderness webs and 50% cheaper fee to enter the resource area. As well as the option to purchase a Sheild Right-Half from Oziach. Elite: 100% change of cutting through the wilderness webs, no fee to enter the resource area, all dragon bones in the wilderness will be dropped in noted forum, 5 teleports outside scorpia cave a day and no cost to note items on Jennifer
  2. Current donator perks

    As of june 2017 Current Donator's Perks. Contributor; Total: $10 Custom title ::dz Donators won't lose items upon death vs npc combat ::yell 60 sec cooldown Special attack and hp restore 2% increased drop rate 5 pkp/kill. more slots in pos custom title healer that restore you hp at home altar that restores your spec 2x faster cannon and can stock cbal up to 100 wilderness skilling area doesn't charge 25% to note your items Chance in the raffle lottery free decant your pots get more exp of lamps 3X more chance to get logs,herbs,ores out skilling boxes + 2 vote points when voting items on the floor will stay for about 10 minutes in stead of 2 Sponsor; Total: $25/30 ::yell 50 cooldown 3.5% increased drop rate 6pkp/kill. +3 vote points Supporter; Total: $65/75 ::yell 40 cooldown 5% increased drop rate 7pkp/kill V.I.P.;Total: $130/150 ::yell 30 cooldown 7% increased drop rate 8pkp/kill. Bonus exp at DZ more chance of better items from ckey chest +5 vote points Super VIP ;Total: $300 ::yell - 20 second cooldown 10% Increased drop rate 10 pkp /kill Bonus exp at DZ cost less to cancel slayer tasks +7 vote points Remember : Each higher tier has the perks from the lowers. So Super VIP also has the spec restore @ chaos altar, hp restore @ healer, and Custom title, more slots at pos Note : Correct me if there are changes.
  3. Missing Donation

    Hi, The issue has been solved already.
  4. These are the elite clue steps so far, if i'm missing any pm me them ingame and I will add them as fast as I can. This guide is a work in progress, Pictures will be added soon! 1. I am at a place where humans turn into werewolfs. Canafis - Use ancient spellbook and use the "Kharyll Teleport". Armadyl spawns. 2. I am strong, I am big, I am wild. you can find me in karamja. Karamja - Use glory to teleport to Karamja. Black Demon spawns. 3. Desert, camels and a bank. where am i? Al-Kharid bank - Use glory to teleport to Al-Kharid and walk to the bank. Mithril Dragon spawns. 4. I live in a dungeon, waiting to be killed. You can find me in a big castle. Miscellania - Go to the construction tab, click on teleports and pick "Miscell castle". Walk to the courtyard. Barrelchest spawns 5. I see a castle, as big as a town. Should I bring an anti-fire shield? Lumbridge - Either use the teleport on standard spellbook or use a teleport tab from the magic store. Nothing spawns. 6. I am a warrior, I always bring full rune with me, I am in a guild. Warrior's Guild - Go to minigame teleports, pick warrior guild. Walk towards the big room. King Black Dragon spawns. 7. i dig and dig when i wake up. But finding me might be hard. Unsure about this one (pm if you know exact spot) - I suggest teleporting to giant mole in boss teleports and kill those. That seems to work (BEWARE it's in deep wild) 8. I seek tunnels where my brothers lie in. You must fight me! Barrows - Go to minigame teleports, pick barrows. Ahrim or Dharok spawns. 9. I am an elemental that roams the wilderness. Where am I? Deep Wild - Go to boss teleports and teleport to Chaos Elemental. Chaos Elemental spawns. 10. Want to have a beautiful fire cape? Thzaar cave - Go to minigame teleports, pick fight caves. Saradomin will spawn. 11. I am near a castle in a dark world. Dark Castle - Teleport to west dragons and walk north east till you see a castle. Zamorak will spawn 12. This one instantly opens.
  5. Hi, I have moved off to our discord channel. To get your invite link, go to the main page and scroll all the way down to receive your link. I generally don't do anything anymore with the forums, it's just a place for tutorials and such. For the community, please join our discord.
  6. Fletching to 99

    Hey guys, I'm back again with another guide. This time it will be Fletching, one of the most easiest skills once you get the hang of it. This skill could be done real fast with the right, but expensive method. I'll break this skill down for you with the current xp rates. REQUIREMENTS Alot of logs, feathers, Bolt tips, Arrowheads, Bow string and a knife. Alot of money is needed for the expensive way To get started with this skill get 3 logs and a knife. Use your knife on the logs and make them into arrow shafts. Arrow shafts give 135 experience per 15 shafts and these 3 logs will get you to level 5 fletching which is needed for your first bow to fletch! Bows Regular logs [LEVEL 5-20] Shortbow gives 135 experience per bow made. Longbow gives 270 experience per bow made. Oak logs [LEVEL 20-35] Oak shortbow gives 459 experience per bow made. Oak longbow gives 675 experience per bow made. Willow logs [LEVEL 35-50] Willow shortbow gives 891 experience per bow made. Willow longbow gives 1134 experience per bow made. Maple logs [LEVEL 50-65] Maple shortbow gives 1350 experience per bow made. Maple longbow gives 1566 experience per bow made. Yew logs [LEVEL 65-80] Yew shortbow gives 1836 experience per bow made. Yew longbow gives 2025 experience per bow made. Magic logs [LEVEL 80-99] Magic shortbow gives 2241 experience per bow made. magic longbow gives 2484 experience per bow made. You can also string the fletched bows, which means extra experience. This also means you you require less logs for 99 fletching! Stringing bows Regular bows Shortbow(u) gives 75 experience per strung bow Longbow(u) gives 150 experience per strung bow Oak bows Oak shortbow(u) gives 240 experience per strung bow Oak longbow(u) gives 375 experience per strung bow Willow bows Willow shortbow(u) gives 495 experience per strung bow Willow longbow(u) gives 615 experience per strung bow Maple bows Maple shortbow(u) gives 750 experience per strung bow Maple longbow(u) gives 870 experience per strung bow Yew bows Yew shortbow(u) gives 1020 experience per strung bow Yew longbow(u) gives 1125 experience per strung bow Magic bows Magic shortbow(u) gives 1245 experience per strung bow magic longbow(u) gives 1365 experience per strung bow Down below you'll find the amount of bows needed to get to certain levels, this will help you out on how much logs you actually need to cut! LEVELS - From level 1 to 5 you're making Arrowshafts, this will require 3 regular logs. - From level 5 to 10 you're making Shortbow(u), this will require 6 regular logs [4 when strung] - From level 10 to 20 you're making Longbow(u), this will require 13 regular logs [8 when strung] -From level 20 to 25 you're making Oak shortbow(u), this will require 8 Oak logs [5 when strung] - From level 25 to 35 you're making Oak longbow(u), This will require 22 Oak logs [14 when strung] - From level 35 to 40 you're making Willow shortbow(u), this will require 17 Willow logs [11 when strung] - From level 40 to 50 you're making Willow longbow(u), this will require 57 Willow logs [37 when strung] - From level 50 to 55 you're making Maple shortbow(u), this will require 49 Maple logs [32 when strung] - From level 55 to 65 you're making Maple longbow(u), this will require 181 Maple logs [117 when strung] - From level 65 to 70 you're making Yew shortbow(u), this will require 157 Yew logs [101 when strung] - From level 70 to 80 you're making Yew longbow(u), this will require 617 Yew logs [397 when strung] - From level 80 to 85 you're making Magic shortbow(u), this will require 568 Magic logs [366 when strung] - From leve 85 to 99 you're making Magic longbow(u), this will require 3936 Magic logs [2540 when strung] Now we're heading over to arrow making. This requires alot of arrow shafts, arrowheads & feathers. This method is also really click intensive which is why I don't recommend this. That's also a reason why I won't put up the amount of arrows that need to be made to reach a certain level. Either way I will include this way in this guide. ARROWS [Per 15] Making Headless arrows (Feather on Arrowshaft) gives you 22 experience, this requires Arrowshafts and Feathers. Making Bronze arrows gives you 249 experience, this requires Headless arrows and Bronze Arrowheads. Making Iron arrows gives you 468 experience, this requires Headless arrows and Iron Arrowheads.. Making Steel arrows gives you 936 experience, this requires Headless arrows and Steel Arrowheads. Making Mithril arrows gives you 1406 experience, this requires Headless arrows and Mithril Arrowheads. Making Adamant Arrows gives you 1875 experience, this requires Headless arrows and Adamant Arrowheads. Making Rune arrows gives you 2349 experience, this requires Headless arrows and Rune Arrowheads. And finally we have the fastest but most expensive method yet. Making bolts. Why is this the fastest method you ask? Well, the answer is simple, you can get 99 fletching instantly from 71 fletching. How? Any amount of Dragon Bolt Tips put on Runite bolts will instantly make that amount. EXAMPLE I have 1000 Dragon Bolt Tips and 1000 runite bolts, usually they'll make 15 Dragon bolts per click, while in this server they'll make all at once. Making Dragon Bolts(e) method. I recommend doing this in the Wilderniss Rescourse Area for the extra 15% experience on top of this insane method. Making 1 Dragon Bolt(e) gives 270 experience, This requires Runite Bolts and Dragon Bolt tips. Dragon Bolt tips are required by using a chisel on a cut dragonstone, this will get you 15 Dragon Bolt tips and 216 extra fletching experience. From level 71 to 99 using this method, you are required to make 45260 Dragon bolts(e). This means you need to cut 3018 Dragonstones. Pick your method and goodluck on your 99 fletching adventure! PS: I didn't feel the need of adding pictures in this guides since it all speaks for itself, the only thing you should know is that you can buy a knife and bowstrings at the home general store. Runite bolts can be obtained at Lowe, he sells a total of 100k runite bolts. .
  7. Mining to 99 by Arezo

    Hers a small mining guide for you guys ill be providing the exp per each ore as well, as some tips Level 1-15 Copper/tin Ore Skilling area: 378 XP Wildy Resource area: NA Level 15-30 Iron Ore Skilling Area: 735 XP Wildy Resource area: 918 XP Level 30-55 Coal Ore Skilling Area: 1,050 XP Wildy Resource area: 1312 XP Level 55-70 Mithril ore Skilling Area: 1,680 XP Wildy Resource area: 2,010 XP Level 70-99 Addy Ore Skilling Area: 1,995 XP Wildy Resource area: 2,493 XP Alternate 85-99 Rune Ore Skilling area: NA Wildy Resource area: 3,280 XP Some question you may be asking Q: Where is the best place to mine? A:Best place to mind is the Wilderness Resource Area due to the XP bonus if you want to mine here its going to cost 50k for entry also 5k for every time you use the bank Q: how do i get to Wilderness resource area? A: PK hotspots> Ardougne Lever> Run south Q: Why not Rune to 99? A: Rune to 99 is not efficient in anyway, there is only 3 rune veins which also take 10 seconds to respawn, So i advise you to go with addy to 99 Enjoy the mad gains ! -Grind
  8. Catacombs Map Demon's Run - north-east area Abyssal demon Black demon Ghost Greater demon Greater Nechryael Hill Giant Mutated Bloodveld Lesser demon Dragon's Den - north-west area Bronze dragon Brutal black dragon Brutal blue dragon Brutal red dragon Dark beast Fire giant Hellhound Iron dragon Steel dragon Reeking Cove - south-west area Ankou Cyclopes Deviant spectre Ghost Hill Giant Magic axe Moss giant Possessed pickaxe Shade Skeleton Twisted Banshee The Shallows - south-east area Cyclopes Dagannoth Dust devil King Sand Crab Moss giant Warped Jelly Source:http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki...mbs_of_Kourend
  9. Missing vote points.

    Made a ticket system for this: https://os-war.com/tickets
  10. Account stuck

    All right. Problem solved.
  11. Bassrsps OS-War video

  12. 2Noobs OS-War video

  13. Walkchaos OS-War video

    Heres the video that Walkchaos made for us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKnrxwnGF78
  14. Mystery Box Rewards

    Common Table x2000 Coal x5000 Bow string x1000 Anglerfish x500 Karambwans x2000 Dark crab Ranger boots x100 Blood money x50 Vote tickets x100 Super potion set Mysterious emblem 7 Ring of wealth Bandos godsword ornament kit Armadyl godsword ornament kit Zamorak godsword ornament kit Saradomin godsword ornament kit Royal gown top Royal gown bottom Uncommon Table Rubber chicken Penguin mask Royal sceptre Royal crown x500 Runite ore x350 Runite bar Pirate hat & Patch Katana Musketeer hat Scythe Sled x500 Dragon bones Top hat Rune cane Gilded boots Granite clamp Magic shortbow scroll Ring of wealth scroll Steam staff upgrade kit x200 Blood money x75 Vote tickets Sagacious spectacles Rare Table Red Partyhat Yellow Partyhat Blue Partyhat Green Partyhat Purple Partyhat White Partyhat Santa hat Bunny ears Green h'ween mask Blue h'ween mask Red h'ween mask 3rd age Coif 3rd age Top 3rd age Legs 3rd age vambraces 3rd age hat 3rd age top 3rd age bottom 3rd age amulet 3rd age helmet 3rd age platebody 3rd age platelegs 3rd age kiteshield 3rd age cloak 3rd age bow 3rd age longsword 3rd age wand Leprechaun hat Ward upgrade kit Dragon pickaxe kit Contributor scroll Dragon cane x400 Blood money x100 Vote tickets All spirit shields and ancestral gear too Very rare Table Bloodhound
  15. Crafting to 99 by Arezo

    Hey guys! To start off I decided to make a guide about my first 99 in OS-War, Crafting, a skill which is a long grind to hit 99! ____________________________________________________________ [REQUIREMENTS] - Starting money (500k - 1M will do the trick) - Patience ____________________________________________________________ To start this skill off, you have to be in the skilling area of OS-War which is located in falador. You can easily get there with the teleporter in the home bank! The teleporter at home! Click the last option! When you're at the skilling area in falador, you see 3 NPC's standing next to the cooking range. The middle one is for crafting! The crafting NPC! The NPC has 2 options to choose from, talk & trade. When you talk to the NPC you get an Tanning interface, and when you trade the NPC you will see the store. The tan interface! The trade interface! You can't go straight to cutting gems, you actually need to get level 20 first before you are able to cut the first gem. Buy around 10 needles and 50 thread to start off. you won't be needing any more of those after you hit level 20. fill the rest of your inventory with cowhides. Like I showed you earlier. the NPC has 2 options, choose the "Talk" option to open the tanning interface. Right click the Soft Leather and choose the "Tan All" option. Tan your cowhides into Soft Leather! After you've done that your inventory should look something like this. Now that you've come so far, it's time to finally earn some XP. click the needle on the Soft leather till you get an interface with several craftable items. Because you're level 1 in crafting the only item you are able to craft are leather gloves. Go ahead and craft your full inventory of leather gloves. Each leather gloves crafted grants you an amount of 91 crafting XP. You will need to craft a total of 50 leather gloves to hit level 20. You can either choose to stick with leather gloves to level 20, or just choose the highest possible craftable item, it's all up to you. ____________________________________________________________ Now that we are level 20, we are able to cut gems. we will do this all the way up to level 99! Trade the crafting NPC and buy a chisel, the main tool to cut gems. Fill the rest of your inventory with the highest possible gem you can cut. Levels - Sapphire [Level 20] - Emerald[Level 27] - Ruby [Level 34] - Diamond [Level 43] - Dragonstone [Level 55] XP per cut - Sapphire [350 XP] - Emerald [469 XP] - Ruby [595 XP] - Diamond [749 XP] - Dragonstone [959 XP] Amount for certain levels - From 20 to 27 you're cutting Sapphires, this will take 16 gems. - From 27 to 34 you're cutting Emeralds, this will take 23 gems. - From 34 to 43 you're cutting Rubies, this will take 51 gems. - From 43 to 55 you're cutting Diamonds, this will take you 156 gems. - from 55 to 99 you're cutting Dragonstones, this will take you 13.418 gems. ____________________________________________________________ Miscellaneous [NOT RECOMMENDED!] Crafting items out of dragonhides is another way to gain XP, most of the time people don't have to amount of dragonhides to craft, and you can only buy them from other players which will obviously be very expensive. If you choose to go to 99 with dragonhides, here are the XP gains per item. Green Dragonhide - Vambraces [434 XP, 1 hide used] - Chaps [868 XP, 2 hides used] - Body [1302, 3 hides uses] Blue Dragonhide - Vambraces [490 XP, 1 hide used] - Chaps [980 XP, 2 hides used] - Body [1470, 3 hides uses] Red Dragonhide - Vambraces [546 XP, 1 hide used] - Chaps [1092 XP, 2 hides used] - Body [1638, 3 hides uses] Black Dragonhide - Vambraces [602 XP, 1 hide used] - Chaps [1204 XP, 2 hides used] - Body [1806, 3 hides uses] ____________________________________________________________ You need alot of patience for 99 crafting. It will take you around 7-8 hours from 1 to 99 with full focus. Goodluck on getting your 99 crafting!
  16. Fishing to 99 by Arezo

    Fishing This guide will show you the best possible ways to get you to the fishing level you desire. It will tell you all the XP(Regular/Iron man) rates, where to fish them and how much you need for the next major fishing level. Let's start of with the basics! There are currently 2 spots where you can fish. The most common one is the fishing area in the skilling zone, you'll start off here when you start the skill. The second place where you can fish is the Wilderness Rescourse Area, and yes this is in deep wilderness so make sure you don't come here with high valued items. To get the the Skilling zone, use the greater teleportation focus at home. greater teleportation focus To get to the Wilderness Rescourse area either use an instant Wilderness rescourse scroll, or use the edgeville lever to get to mage bank, and use the lever there aswell to get to deep wilderness easily. from there you walk to the right untill you find a large cage area, this is the wilderness rescourse area, whenever you're skilling there, you get an 15% increase in any experience that you get! Also, make sure you have a bit of a cash stack when skilling in the wilderness rescourse area because you need 50.000GP to enter the area and you need 5.000GP to use the bank everytime you open it. Edgeville lever Deep wilderness from mage bank Wilderness Rescourse Area Now that you know where to start fishing, let me show you where you can fish certain fishes. Skilling zone Wilderness Rescourse Area I've marked the map with dots, the dots will stand for the fishing spots. Below you'll find the fish you can catch at those certain spots. Red dot: Shrimp and Anchovie(Net), Sardine and Herring(Bait) Purple dot: Manta ray and Sea Turtle. (Big net, bait is not working) Green dot: Salmon and Trout (lure), Pike (Bait) Yellow dot: Lobster (Cage), Tuna and Swordfish (Harpoon) Orange dot: Monkfish (Net), Shark (Harpoon) Blue dot: Karambwanji (Net) Black dot: Karambwan (Karambwan vessel filled with Karambwanji) Cyan dot: Dark Crab (Lobster pot & Dark bait) Now that you know where to catch all the fishes available, let's start of with the actual guide shall we. Below you'll find how much XP you get per fish and how much fish you need to catch before you can advance to the next catchable fish. If you want to catch a certain fish, click the fishing icon in the skilling tab, this will show you which level you need to catch that fish. The only fish that isn't showing there is the Dark crab. Dark crabs can be caught at level 85. XP Table Shrimp will give you 400 XP each. Sardine will give you 800 XP each Karambwanji will give you 800 XP each herring will give you 800 XP each Anchovie will give you 400 XP each Trout will give you 2000 XP each Pike will give you 2400 XP each Salmon will give you 2000 XP each Tuna will give you 3200 XP each Lobster will give you 3600 XP each Swordfish will give you 3200 XP each Monkfish will give you 4800 XP each Karambwan will give you 5750 XP each Shark will give you 4800 XP each Sea turtle will give you 4000 XP each Manta ray will give you 4000 XP each Dark crab will give you 6000 XP each 1 to 99, what to fish? From level 1 to 20 you'll be fishing Shrimp & Anchovies, this will take 12 catches. From level 20 to 40 you'll be fishing Trout & Salmon, this will take 17 catches. From level 40 to 76 you'll be fishing Lobsters. this will take 361 catches From here on you can either choose sharks all the way to 99, or you can go to 85 and fish Dark crabs in the Wilderness Rescourse Area. I've decided to add them both since the dark bait to catch the Dark crabs is sold out most of the time. From level 76 to 85 you'll be fishing Sharks, this will take 401 catches From level 76 to 99 you'll be fishing Sharks, this will take 2438 catches From level 85 to 99 you'll be fishing Dark crabs, this will take 1630 catches. Dark crabs are currently the best way to go for from level 85, this is because you get about 2 dark crabs every tick. This means you get an full inventory in under 30 seconds. That's about it for fishing. Goodluck on your 99 journey!
  17. Wiseoldman's Zulrah Guide GEAR SETUP Mage / Range Void - Highest Recorded Time 1:26 /w Trident and Magic Shortbow (Pre Twisted Bow Buff) This setup is the most optimal for Zulrah. Void range isnt hard to obtain through either Blood Money or Pest control. Obviously you will need to downgrade where possible but you shouldnt really be doing zulrah without essentials such as ahrims if doing this method. NOTE: THIS DOES METHOD DOES NOT WORK WITHOUT A TRIDENT! Range - Highest Recorded Time 00:53 /w Twisted Bow Using Range is not an efficient method for Zulrah unless you have a twisted bow as it hits insanely high currently. If you dont have a Twisted Bow but still want to range as you may not have a trident have a magic bow is your next best option. For the gear its self, void once again is the best option to choose. If you do not have void make adjustments where needed as shown below. KILLING THE BOSS Phases There are three phases within Zulrah. Range, Melee and Mage. The range snake is the first you will encounter at the start of the boss but as you can see within the tutorial video provided it does no damage only spreads gas which for you isnt a problem. The second phase which is the melee phase will once again do no damage providing you are praying melee! And the third phase is mage which sometimes does a range attack during its first appearance and so you will get hit from time to time. you want to allways mage the Yellow and Red Snake - Range and Melee. As they are weak to magic and unless you have a Twisted Bow range will not hit very often. During the purple phase you want to range and this is where most of your dps will come in as the phases last fairly long and the weapons you use hit high, accurately and fast. The video below shows the route i take around Zulrah and in my opinion is the least effort and most efficient one. https://streamable.com/rtcd7 Trying to keep this as short as possible any questions post below or ask in game ill be sure to reply! (Im Unable to embed the video for some reason sorry for the link)
  18. Welcome to OS-War, In case you just joined our beautiful server, I hope this post will guide you in the right direction to make your journey a bit easier. This guide does not cover detailed explanation about skills or efficiency methods to reach 99's in the fastest way possible. With that being said, I will provide you with the most important knowledge about the server and explain the perks within as much as I can. At last I'd like to point out that I'm not a staff member whatsoever. Screenshot have been made during the early acces Alpha phase when everyone was an Admin upon registration. [Creation of a new account] Once you join the server you will find yourself in Edgeville. You'll be able to choose between different game modes, including DMM (PvP Mode). Fact: "DMM players have an increase in rare drops during PvM. However, they can only trade and buy items with other DMM players." Bank keys are obtained after a kill and can be used at the Deadman's loot chest at home as shown above. [Configuration] You might prefer to play with the regular size client, but in addition we also provide resizeable mode and fullscreen as well. All graphic, audio and hotkey settings can be managed within here. [Transportation & Shops] Possibly one of the most important features to know. Impossible to miss at Edgeville you'll see this lady floathing around. She can sell you gear, supplies, teleport you around the server and imbue your rings as shown above. What if I'm not at Edgeville but on a slayer task? No worries! Simply click the globe under your world map and your teleport interface will open. You can also use the hotkeys: CTRL+T to open the teleport interface. Plenty of options to get around! [Quest tab & Server / Character statistics] At your quest tab you'll find server & character statistics. The sub-tabs, shown on the image above, marked with red arrows are as followed: Blue contains the area achievement diary's. These have to be completed in order to wear the cape. Red will open the drop table interface. Here you can fill in any NPC and additional information will be displayed as shown above. Purple will open the players title interface. Various titles can be bought and unlocked here. At last green, which will open up the server achievements. Completing these will grant you achievement points. These can be exchanged in the achievement shop for various rewards. [Currency within the server] 1. Coins 2. Blood Money 3. Platinum tokens 4. Vote tickets 5. Pk point tickets 6. Bank keys 7. Crystal keys Coins are self explaining, but the only currency available to activate the Well Of Goodwill. The Well Of Goodwill is located in the center of Edgeville and can provide various bonuses at the same time, but also for a limited amount of time. Blood money can be obtained in two ways. You can kill players for it or use the Event Teleporter, located in Edgeville. Fact: "Mining blood ore will always teleport you to the wilderness. The rock spawns in different locations after x amount of blood ore is mined by players." Blood money can be exchanged in the shop of the Doomsayer for great items. In addition the Doomsayer can teleport you to the "Fun PK" area. He will grant you the option to use his Safe Deposit Box services. No items are allowed to be worn when teleported. Inside you can withdraw blood money from your deposit box and buy better gear within the fun pk area. However, you can also fight with the free supplies and quick-sets. When leaving, acquired blood money can be stored back in the deposit box and all items will be destroyed. Platinum tokens are rewared upon any activity troughout the server. They will just appear in your inventory. These can be used to redeem XP lamps from Tax. In addition any player can pay 400 tokens to play the shuffle minigame. Another great way to gather supplies or gear. In case you have some PK point or Vote tickets in your inventory head out to the red button within the bank of Edgeville. These will be converted to PK points or Vote points, which can be used to buy items from the Guildmaster or Sin Deer. In case you want to sell your PK points feel free to buy back some PK point tickets since they're tradeable. Vice versa for vote points. Want to sell some? Buy some vote tickets in the shop. As for the crystal keys and bank keys, these can be exchanged at the chests shown above. [NPC Locations] Player owned shops can be managed by talking to this guy in the Edgeville bank. On the left your can select a players name and on the right you'll see what he/she has in stock. Watson, located near the well of goodwill can give you a master clue scroll. Simply bring him an easy, medium, hard and elite to convert it. [skilling area] With your teleportation manager you can teleport to the skilling area. You'll find plenty of stuff to do within the Falador park and all supply shops & banks are nearby. [Donator zone] Donators can type ::dz to be teleported to a unique area where you'll find plenty of features. Unique additional teleports. A private slayer dungeon! Adamant, Rune and Gem ore mining!
  19. Hi, We had some suggestions that the forums should be added as an extra. The old one was broken for some odd reason and I only have the database left that came with it. The old content can still be viewed here: https://salusscape.eu/os-war/forums/ Old guides and such are also there, those you may copy & paste to this one. Pim