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  1. Small suggestions

    Hey guys, I've been playing for a few days now and I've thought of a few small things that could be added/tweeked to make the game a bit better. Mithril rocks at ::dz, there's currently only 1 mithril rock at ::skilling, there's none at ::dz however there's multiple rune and adamant there. Mithril is currently the bottleneck in mining being as there is only 1 rock. Space to continue in chat, the click to continue windows are small to begin with and I've noticed some on this server are even smaller again (Asking a slayer master where the task is). Noted herblore secondaries at ::dz would be a nice addition. When picking up cannon instead of having a window popup to inform the player to ::claim make it a chat box text. When this first happened to me I was attacked instantly and had no idea how to retrieve my cannon. Also got trolled into thinking it was a one time use R.I.P. The spiritual warrior and the spiritual ranger have their drop tables the wrong way around in the drop table viewer. The drops for the ranger are the ones listed for the warrior and visa versa. The casket in the raids shop doesn't open, your character just equips it. Make the compost bin for farming either free or more expensive. As it stands 250gp is not a decent cash sink and all it does it cost an inventory spot. Searching the cyclops drop table causes a crash. If you pick up the cannon before it's finished being setup you'll only get back what parts of the cannon are actually set in place. I've lost two furnaces be trying to pick it up to soon. Item alch value on examine text would be so handy for ironmen. Weapon degrade percentage displayed on the combat styles screen, or a chat text at 25% increments, same as barrows in RS. The weird old man doesn't display how many coins to fix or retrieve an item before actually doing it. If we could get another screen in between showing how much it's going to cost that'd be awesome. You can't currently select hunter with an exp lamp, I also noticed that slayer is unavailable. Could we swap out the slayer slot for hunter? Bone crusher doesn't work with amulet of camelot, the amulet takes priority and the bones end up in you inventory. Adding secondaries to unf potions take about 20 attempts before it works. Black pickaxe doesn't work for mining, it's currently my best on my hardcore If I have any more ideas I will post them in the comments below.