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  1. Fletching to 99

    This guide will def be used when the server comes back on just a skill I need to knock out haha.
  2. Mining to 99 by Arezo

    This is an awesome guide thank you so much!
  3. vengeful

  4. vengeful

    Owner/founder: Slasher General: Captain/pvm/pvp leader: Event leader:
  5. vengeful

    events: Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: sunday: Boss drop logs: bandos: arma: zammorak: sara: corp: raids:
  6. vengeful

    WELCOME AND THANK YOU FOR CHECKING OUT VENGFUL Vengeful was a faction started when I played PWI, they were not one to be messed with as far as PVM,PVP,SKILLING. I want to bring that here to the Runescape community. Vengeful will do all events. Myself and other leaders of the clan will do give aways and host events. Requirements to join are the following. 1) follow all rules 2) don't pk other clan members 3)don't scam items 4) be active and helpful to other clan members. 5) don't flame world chat 6)don't be a sore loser. APPLICATION: user name: combat level: game type: time zone: do you have discord: why do you want to join us: what is your favorite boss: what can you bring to the clan: picture of your game time:
  7. Catacombs map by Utorrent

    Was trying to find hellhounds whish I knew this was here lol
  8. Elite clue guide by Netflix

    Very helpful!!! Thank you for this
  9. hello

    Hello, and how is everyone!? my names adam im 25 im in the military currently enrolled in school waiting for it to start for cyber security. I have been in the military for 6 years now and I have been playing oldschool runescape for 15 and private servers for 12-13 years. I have played alora for 2 years, darkroom for 6 months. im really excited to meet everyone and grind out some gear!