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Found 2 results

  1. 2020 Official Price Check Update V5 MONEY (Currencies) Minecart ticket 1000m ea (Sold to npc's for 1000m cash) Donation Points 15m - 20m ea (You can use these tickets in the donation store in-game, only virtually useful for Partyhat & specs) Blood Money 25k - 50k ea (Can be sold 25k ea to npc shops which accept it) Votes 500k - 2000k ea Pkp 500k - 1000k ea Mithril Seeds 250k - 500k ea Platinum Tokens 10k - 20k ea (You may use those platinum tokens for raffles or awesome gamble rewards) Zulrah's Scales 5k - 10k ea Revenant Ether 1k - 2k ea Tokkul 100gp - 125gp ea EXPERIENCE BOOSTING Book of Spyology (One hour Xp Booster) 15m - 30m Dreamy Lamp 6m - 12m Lamp 3m - 6m DONAR/REGULAR ITEMS Flaming Cape 75m - 100m Dark Totem 10m - 25m Dwarven Rock Cake 12.5m - 25m Magic Secateurs 37.5m - 75m Skilling Supplies 15m - 30m Bones Supplies 5m - 10m BOXES & CRATES Magic (Legendary) Box 125m - 250m (This will give you very powerful and custom coloured items) Mystery Box 25m - 50m (You can get various epic items from this box) Mysterious orb 20m - 30m (You can use this to skip the killcount at the killcount reward shop at home) Insta Darts 2.5m - 10m (You can kill certain npcs instantly with this dart (not all bosses can be killed with this dart)) Hour Box 2.5m - 5m Pursuit Crate 635k - 1270k Daily Box/Crate 220k - 450K Daily Box/Crate 220k - 450K KEYS Lava (Seer's) Key 20m - 25m Golden Key 15m - 20m Water (Wrought Iron) Key 5m - 15m Muddy Key 1m - 5m Crystal Key 500k - 1m RANKS (The total donated does not stack and ONLY grants ranks) 10$ Contributor Scroll 500m - 900m (You will get the donator rank with this scroll, the items is tradable) 30$ Sponsor Scroll 650m - 1000m (You will get the sponsor rank with this scroll, the items is tradable) 75$ Supporter Scroll 1500m - 3300m (You will get the supporter rank with this scroll, the items is tradable) 150$ VIP Scroll 4250m - 8800m (You will get the vip rank with this scroll, the items is tradable) 300$ Super VIP Scroll 7500m - 15500m (You will get the super vip rank with this scroll, the items is tradable) LEGENDARY WEAPONS (Weapons Buff Poll?) MELEE Blazing Sword 2500m - 5000m Scythe Of Vitur 750m - 1500m Ghrazi Rapier 375m - 750m Elder Maul 500m - 750m Armadyl Godsword 250m - 500m Saradomin Godsword 200m - 400m Zamorak Godsword 150m - 300m Bandos Godsword 100m - 200m Saradomin Blessed Sword 162.5m - 225m Saradomin Sword 12.5m - 25m Zamorakian Spear 67.5m - 125m Abyssal Bludgeon 425m - 550m Abyssal Dagger 25m - 50m Abyssal Whip 15m - 25m Kraken Tentacle 125m - 250m Dragon Warhammer 1750m - 3000m Dragon Claws 450m - 900m Other-Non-Npc-buyable Dragon Weapons (Spear, 2h, Halberd, Mace, Sword) 4m ea Npc-buyable Dragon Weapons (Dagger, Scimitar, Longsword, Battleaxe) 40k ea Npc-buyable-and-Non-Npc-buyable Novice Weapons (Rune and Lower tier till bronze) 400gp ea Granite Maul 12.5m - 25m RANGE Twisted Bow 2500m - 5000m Blowpipe 750m - 1500m Heavy Ballista 375m - 750m Light Ballista 137.5m - 375m Designated C'bows (Dragon-Hunter and Armadyl) 400m ea Miscellaneous Bows (Crystal and Dark) 4m ea Metal C'bows (Rune, Adamant, Mithril, Steel, Iron, Bronze) 40k ea Regular Bows (Oak, Willow, Maple, Yew, Magic) 400gp ea MAGE Toxic Staff of the Dead 2500m - 5000m Sanguenesti Staff 375m - 750m Kodai Wand 675m - 987.5m Staff of the Dead 500m - 750m Steam Staff (or) 200m - 400m Imbued heart 187.5m - 275m Designated Battlestaves (Dust and Mist) 400m ea Mystic Staves (Air, Water, Earth, Fire) 4m ea Regular Staves (Air, Water, Earth, Fire) 40k ea Magic Staves 400gp ea LEGENDARY AND EPIC ARMOURS Magma Helm 1750m - 3125m (Magma Mutagen 1062.5m - 1750m) Tanzantine Helm 1750m - 3125m (Tanzanite Mutagen 1062.5m - 1750m) Serpentine Helm 700m - 1250m MELEE Justiciar Faceguard 125m - 250m Justiciar Body 250m - 500m Justiciar Legs 250m - 500m Bandos Chestplate 125m - 250m Bandos Tasset 125m - 250m Bandos Boots 62.5m - 125m Obsidian Full Helm 31.25m - 62.5m Obsidian Platebody 62.5m - 125m Obsidian Platelegs 62.5m - 125m Obsidian Shield 31.25m - 62.5m Obsidian Maul 15m - 25m Obsidian Sword 15m - 25m Dragon Full Helm (g) 62.5m - 125m Dragon Platebody (g) 125m - 250m Dragon Chainbody (g) 50m - 100m Dragon Platelegs (g) 25m - 50m Dragon Kiteshield (g) 150m - 275m Dragon Skirt (g) 25m - 50m Dragon Full Helm 25m - 50m Dragon Platebody 50m - 100m Dragon Chainbody 25m - 50m Dragon Platelegs 15m - 25m Dragon Skirt 15m - 25m Dragon Kiteshield 50m - 100m Dragon Boots 5m - 10m Rock-shell Helm 12.5m - 25m Rock-shell Platebody 25m - 50m Rock-shell Platelegs 25m - 50m Rock-shell Boots 12.5m - 25m Rock-shell Gloves 12.5m - 25m Granite Helm 6.25m - 12.5m Granite Platebody 12.5m - 25m Granite Platelegs 12.5m - 25m (Gods, Gilded G and T) Rune Full Helm 5m - 10m (Gods, Gilded G and T) Rune Platebody 15m - 30m (Gods, Gilded G and T) Rune Platelegs 15m -30m (Gods, Gilded G and T) Rune Kiteshield 15m - 30m Corrupted Full Helm 3m - 5m Corrupted Platebody 5m - 10m Corrupted Platelegs 5m - 10m Corrupted Kiteshield 5m - 7m Primordial Boots 505m - 755m (Primordial Crystal 500m - 750m) RANGE Armadyl Full Helmet 62.5m - 125m Armadyl Chestplate 125m - 250m Armadyl Chainskirt 125m - 250m (Gods) Black D'hide Coif 20m - 35m (Gods) Black D'hide Body 35m - 45m (Gods) Black D'hide Chaps 35m - 45m (Gods) Black D'hide vamps 10m - 35m Spined Helm 12.5m - 25m Spined Body 25m - 50m Spined Chaps 25m - 50m Spined Gloves 12.5m - 25m Spinbed Boots 12.5m - 25m Robin’s Hood 2000m - 3000m Ranger Tunic 75m - 125m Ranger Gloves 25m - 75m Ranger Boots 25m - 75m Pegasian Boots 775m - 1325m (Pegasian Crystal 750m - 1250m) Rigour Scroll 175m - 270m (This scroll will unlock the rigour prayer) MAGE/PRAYER VESTAMENTS Ancestral Hat 125m - 250m Ancestral Robe Top 250m - 500m Ancestral Robe Bottom 250m - 500m (Dark) Infinity Hat 50m - 100m (Dark) Infinity Top 50m - 100m (Dark) Infinity Bottoms 50m - 100m (Light) Infinity Hat 25m - 50m (Light) Infinity Top 25m - 50m (Light) Infinity Bottoms 25m - 50m Infinity Hat 12.5m - 25m Infinity Top 12.5m - 25m Infinity Bottoms 12.5m - 25m Infinity Boots 12.5m - 25m Skeletal Helm 12.5m - 25m Skeletal Top 25m - 50m Skeletal Bottoms 25m - 50m Skeletal Gloves 12.5m - 25m Skeletal Boots 12.5m - 25m (Gods) Vestment Robe Mitre 1m - 5m (Gods) Vestment Robe Top 10m - 25m (Gods) Vestment Robe Legs 10m -25m (Gods) Vestment Robe Stole 1m - 5m (Gods) Vestment Crozier 20m - 35m Eternal Boots 512.5m - 775m (Eternal Crystal 500m-750m) Arcane Scroll 175m - 270m (This scroll will unlock the augury prayer) PVP ARMOURS AND WEAPONS MELEE Statius's Full Helm 675m - 1250m Statius's Platebody 1250m - 2500m Statius's Platelegs 1250m - 2500m Statius's Warhammer 2500m - 5000m Vesta's Chainbody 1875m - 3750m Vesta's Plateskirt 1875m - 3750m Vesta's Longsword 3750m - 7500m RANGE Morrigan's Coif 675m - 1250m Morrigan's Leather body 1250m - 2500m Morrigan's Leather chaps 1250m - 2500m MAGE Zuriel's Hood 675m - 1250m Zuriel's Robe Top 1250m - 2500m Zuriel's Robe Legs 1250m - 2500m Zuriel's Staff 2500m - 5000m SHIELD'S/OFFHANDS Divine spirit shield 2500m - 5000m Elysian spirit shield 1250m - 2500m Arcane spirit shield 625m - 1250m Spectral spirit shield 312.5m - 625m Blessed spirit shield 156.25m - 312.5m Spirit shield 78.125m - 156.25m Odium ward 42.5m - 65m Malediction ward 42.5m - 65m Dragon fire-shield 25m - 50m Dragonfire ward 275m - 550m Ancient wyvern shield 250m - 375m Crystal shield 6.75m - 12.5m Twisted buckler 300m - 450m Dinh's bulwark 500m - 750m Avernic Defender 100m - 200m BOOKS (ALL PAGES ARE 5m - 10m EA) Mage's Book 50m - 110m Book of Unholiness 15m - 35m Book of Holiness 15m - 35m Book of Balance 15m - 35m Book of Darkness 15m - 35m Book of War 15m - 35m Book of Law 15m - 35m AMMUNITIONS Dragon javelin 1065k - 1730k ea Dragon arrows 565k - 1130k ea Onyx bolt (e) 500k - 1115k ea Dragonstone bolt (e) 350k - 505k ea Rune javelin 245k - 340k ea Ruby bolt (e) 140k - 170k ea Diamond bolt (e) 45k - 65k ea Dragon Thrownaxe 200k - 400k ea Cannonballs 30k - 70k ea AMULETS AND NECKLACES AND BRACELETS Pre(nature) Amulet 1000m - 1500m (When wearing this amulet, it will automatically pick up any loot worth more than 1000. When your inventory is full, it will send it to your bank.) Camulet 500m - 750m (When wearing this amulet, it will automatically pick up any loot worth less than 1000. When your inventory is full, it will send it to your bank.) Amulet of torture 375m - 550m Amulet of the damned 50m - 100m Amulet of fury 25m - 50m Dragonbone necklace 40m - 85m Occult necklace 45m - 80m Necklace Of anguish 375m - 550m Tormented bracelet 375m - 550m RINGS Ring of visiblity 450m - 675m (When wearing this amulet, it will automatically pick up coins and cannonballs. When your inventory is full, it will send it to your bank.) Ring of suffering (ri) 525m - 775m Ring of suffering 375m - 550m Ring of the gods 175m - 350m Treasonous Ring 125m - 250m Tyrannical Ring 125m - 250m Berserker ring 75m - 100m Archers ring 75m - 100m Seer's ring 75m - 100m Warrior's ring 50m - 75m Ring of coins 25m - 50m Ring of nature 7m - 10m Ring of wealth 5m - 10m THIRD AGE MELEE 3rd Age Full Helm 50m - 100m 3rd Age Platebody 150m - 225m 3rd Age Platelegs 150m - 225m 3rd Age Kiteshield 75m - 150m 3rd Age Longsword 300m - 450m RANGE 3rd Age Range Coif 25m - 50m 3rd Age Range Top 75m - 112.5m 3rd Age Range Legs 75m - 112.5m 3rd Age Vambraces 37.5m - 62.5m 3rd Age Bow 150m - 262.5m MAGE 3rd Age Mage Hat 25m - 50m 3rd Age Robe Top 75m - 112.5m 3rd Age Robe Bottom 75m - 112.5m 3rd Age Amulet 37.5m - 62.5m 3rd Age Wand 150m - 525m MISCELLANEOUS THIRD AGE 3rd age Cloak 625m - 900m 3rd age Axe 2125m - 4250m 3rd age Pickaxe 2125m - 4250m SUPER RARE MISCELLANEOUS HIGH TIER PARTYHAT Rainbow Partyhat 10000m - 20000m (Polling to discontinue at 100 to help veteran players) Pink Partyhat 7500m - 10000m Lime Partyhat 5000m - 7500m Cyan Partyhat 5000m - 7500m Golden Partyhat (Polling to make it 4000 - 5000 votes not 250 votes*) 4250m - 5000m Orange Partyhat 3000m - 4250m Blue Partyhat & Specs 2250m - 3000m Black Partyhat 1750m - 2250m Voting Partyhat 2000m - 4000m Halloween Partyhat 500m - 1000m MID TIER BARROWS AND METAL TIER PARTYHATS Barrows Partyhat 1100m - 1200m Rune Parythat 800m - 900m Adamant Parythat 700m - 800m Mithril Parythat 600m - 700m Steel Parythat 500m - 600m Iron Parythat 400m - 500m Bronze Parythat 300m - 400m LOW TIER PARTYHATS Blue Parythat 400m - 500m White Parythat 350m - 450m Red Parythat 300m - 400m Green Parythat 250m - 350m Yellow Parythat 200m - 300m Purple Parythat 150m - 250m HIGH TIER SANTA HATS Rainbow Santa Hat 7500m - 15000m (Polling to introduce and discontinue at 100 in game*) Pink Santa Hat 5000m - 7500m Lime Santa Hat 3750m - 5000m Cyan Santa Hat 3750m - 5000m Golden Santa Hat 3250m - 3750m Orange Santa Hat 2750m - 3250m Blue Santa Hat 2250m - 2750m White Santa Hat 1750m - 2250m Purple Santa Hat 1250m - 1750m Wise Old Man's Santa hat 1125m - 1750m Voting Santa hat 1000m - 2000m Halloween Santa hat 1000m - 2000m MID TIER BARROWS SANTA HAT Barrows Santa 1175m - 1425m LOW TIER SANTA HATS Black (Santa) Hat 200m - 375m Black santa Hat 150m - 275m Santa Hat 100m - 175m HIGH TIER Hween MASKS Rainbow Hween Mask 7500m - 10000m (Polling to introduce and discontinue at 100 in game*) Pink Hween Mask 3250m - 5000m Lime Hween Mask 2625m - 3250m Cyan Hween Mask 2625m - 3250m Golden Hween Mask 2000m - 2625m Orange Hween Mask 1375m - 2000m White Hween Mask 750m - 1375m Purple Hween Mask 325m - 750m (Considered to be the fake Halloween Hween Mask, as it is the same color without such a groovy nomenclature) Halloween Hween Mask 2000m - 4000m Voting Hween Mask 500m - 1000m MID TIER and METAL Hween MASKS and BARROWS Barrows Hween Mask 375m - 437.5m Rune Hween Mask 262.5m - 300m Adamant Hween Mask 225m - 262.5m Mithril Hween Mask 187.5m - 225m Steel Hween Mask 150m - 187.5m Iron Hween Mask 112.25m - 150m Bronze Hween Mask 75m - 150m LOW TIER Hween MASKS Black (Hween) Mask 1000m - 2000m Black Hween Mask 112.25m - 150m Blue Hween Mask 75m - 150m Red Hween Mask 75m - 150m Green Hween Mask 37.5m - 75m RARE MISCELLAENEOUS HIGH TIER Bunny Ears 1500m - 1750m Black/White Unicorn Mask 1000m - 1500m Katana 750m - 1250m Scythe 500m - 1000m Sled 250m - 750m Rubber Chicken 125m - 500m Team cape x 550m -1100m Team cape i 550m - 1100m Team cape zero 550m - 1100m Top Hat & Monocle 200m - 325m Elegant Tops/Shirts 125m - 250m Elegant Legs/Skirts 125m - 250m Meat Tenderiser 175m - 300m Flippers 100m - 200m Fishbowl Helmet 100m - 200m MID TIER Highwayman Mask 2147m - 2147m Fancy Boots 100m - 125m Fancy Tiara 75m - 100m Top Hat 50m - 75m Decorative Rune KiteShield 55m - 105m Decorative Banners 55m - 105m Obsidian Cape (R) 40m - 55m LOW TIER Pirate Hat & Patch 25m - 75m Leprechaun Hat 15m - 25m Imp Mask 15m - 25m Penguin Mask 10m - 15m Jack Lantern Mask 5m - 10m Pirate Hat 5m - 7m Catmask 1m - 4m JUNK TIER Cavaliers 1000k - 2500k Demon Masks 750k - 1000k Berets 500k - 750k Boaters 200k - 500k Headbands 100k - 250k Bobs Shirts 5k - 20k Gnome Scarf 1k - 4k Cape of Legends 1k - 3k Pith Helmet 1k - 2k Bearhead 1k - 1k (It's actually free in npc shop just incase it depletes there) KNUJ TIER Tuxedo Pieces 100m - 500m ea Ankou, Mummy, Musketeer, Royal and Samurai Pieces 50m - 100m ea Santa, Anti-Santa Pieces 10m - 50m ea Most other hourly box items 5m - 10m ea CANES Dragon Cane 500m - 1000m Rune Cane 50m - 100m Adamant Cane 5m - 10m Black Cane 500k - 1000k ICONS Attacker Icon 2500m - 5000m Defender Icon 2500m - 5000m Collector Icon 2000m - 4000m Healer Icon 2000m - 4000m ORNAMENT KITS/UPGRADE KIT/SCROLLS Armadyl godsword ornament kit 125m - 250m Saradomin godsword ornament kit 100m - 200m Zamorak godsword ornament kit 75m - 150m Bandos godsword ornament kit 50m - 100m Fury ornament kit 15m - 30m Dragon scimitar ornament kit 5m - 7.5m Dragon legs ornament kit 5m - 7.5m Dragon Pickaxe upgrade kit 1.75m - 3m Ward upgrade kit 3.5m - 5m Steam Staff upgrade kit 2.5m - 5m Granite clamp 2.5m - 5m Bounty teleport scroll 40m - 80m Ring of wealth scroll 5m - 10m Magic shortbow scroll 1m - 2m Shield left-half 50m - 100m (Used primarily for completion of Ardougne Diary) Shield right-half 1m - 5m Tanzanite fang 500m - 1250m Magic fang 2000m - 4250m Metamorphic dust 450m - 675m TREASURE TRAILS Clue scroll (master) 50m - 100m Clue scroll (elite) 25m - 50m Clue scroll (hard) 10m - 25m Clue scroll (medium) 5m - 10m Clue scroll (easy) 1m - 5m SLAYER RELATED Eternal Gem 100m - 200m Black mask (10) 50m - 100m Slayer Staff 25m - 50m Ring of Charos 100m - 200m Nose Peg 5m - 10m Earmuffs 5m - 10m Spiny Helmet 5m - 10m Facemask 5m - 10m Herb Sack 175m - 350m Gem Bag 100m - 200m Healer Hat 100m - 200m Runner Hat 100m - 200m Runner Boots 100m - 200m Penance Skirt 100m - 200m Penance Boots 100m - 200m Cockatrice Head 200m - 400m Abyssal Head 200m - 400m Kbd Head 200m - 400m Kq Head 200m - 400m Dark Claw 200m - 400m CRAFTING RELATED Onyx/ Uncut Onyx 5m - 10m Zenyte/ Uncut Zenyte 275m - 550m Zenyte Shard 245m - 495m SKILLING ITEMS (PRAYER) Superior dragon bones 1520k - 3040k ea Lava dragon bones 375k - 525k Wyvern bone 250k - 375k Dragon bones 150k - 250k Baby dragon bones 70k - 90k Dagannoth bone 525k - 1500k Big bone 5k - 10k Bones 1k - 10k SKILLING ITEMS (MINING & SMITHING) Dragon Pickaxe 35m - 70m Rune Bar 50k - 100k Adamant Bar 37.5k - 50k Mithril Bar 20k - 37.5k Steel Bar 10k - 20k (Bought from npc shop for 100 coins ea) Iron Bar 5k - 10k Bronze Bar 1k - 5k Runite Ore 12.5k - 25k Adamantite Ore 7.5k - 12.5k Coal Ore 2.5k - 5k Iron Ore 1.125k - 5k Copper Ore 0.25k - 1.175k Tin Ore 0.25k - 1.175k SKILLING ITEMS (Woodcutting and Fletching and Firemaking) Dragon Hatchet 35m - 70m Magic Logs 20k - 30k Yew Logs 15k - 20k Maple Logs 10k - 15k Willow Logs 5k - 10k Oak Logs 1k - 5k Regular Logs 0.5k - 1k SKILLING ITEMS (FISHING & COOKING) Infernal Harpoon 70m - 140m Dragon Harpoon 35m - 70m Angler Fish 50k - 78k Dark Crab 30k - 39k Karambwan 10k - 18k Sharks 6k - 14k Monkfish 4k - 6k Raw Angler Fish 25k - 39k Raw Dark Crab 15k - 19k Raw Karambwan 5k - 9k Raw Shark 3k - 7k Raw Monkfish 2k - 3k POTIONS Overload (4) 4250k - 8800k Weapon Poison ++ 1060k - 1590k Antifire 800k - 1650k Antidote++ 935k - 1080k Antidote+ 510k - 740k Anti-venom 295k - 520k Super antiposion 275k - 400k Super combat potions 150k - 325k BARROWS ARMOURS & WEAPONS Dharoks Helm 40m - 80m Dharoks Platebody 80m - 160m Dharoks Platelegs 80m - 160m Dharoks Axe 160m - 320m Torags Helm 10m - 20m Torags Platebody 20m - 40m Torags Platelegs 20m - 40m Torags Hammers 40m - 80m Karils Coif 40m - 80m Karils Leathertop 80m - 160m Karils Leatherskirt 80m - 160m Karils Crossbow 160m - 320m Guthans Helm 10m - 20m Guthans Platebody 20m - 40m Guthans Chainskirt 20m - 40m Guthans Warspear 40m - 80m Ahrims Hood 40m - 80m Ahrims Robe Top 80m - 160m Ahrims Robe Skirt 80m - 160m Ahrims Staff 160m - 320m Veracs Helm 20m - 40m Veracs Brassard 40m - 80m Veracs Plateskirt 40m - 80m Veracs Flail 80m - 160m JARS Jar of Swamp 1000m - 2000m Jar of Sand 500m - 1000m Jar of Souls 250m - 500m Jar of Darkness 125m - 250m EMBLEMS AND STATUETTES Bounty point 1 : 1 5gp - 10gp Mysterious Emblem (Tier 10) 25m - 50m (Grants 5,000,000 bounties) Mysterious Emblem (Tier 9) 17.5m - 35m (Grants 3,500,000 bounties) Mysterious Emblem (Tier 8) 25m - 25m (Grants 2,500,000 bounties) Mysterious Emblem (Tier 7) 8.75m - 17.5m (Grants 1,750,000 bounties) Mysterious Emblem (Tier 6) 6m - 12m (Grants 1,200,000 bounties) Mysterious Emblem (Tier 5) 3.75m - 7.5m (Grants 750,000 bounties) Mysterious Emblem (Tier 4) 2m - 4m (Grants 400,000 bounties) Mysterious Emblem (Tier 3) 1m - 2m (Grants 200,000 bounties) Mysterious Emblem (Tier 2) 500k - 1000k (Grants 100,000 bounties) Mysterious Emblem (Tier 1) 250k - 500k (Grants 50,000 bounties) Ancient Relic - (Tier 6) 17750k - 37500k (Grants 750 blood money when sold, 3000 to buy) Ancient Effigy - (Tier 5) 12500k - 25000k (Grants 500 blood money when sold, 2000 to buy) Ancient Medallion - (Tier 4) 6250k - 12500k (Grants 250 blood money when sold, 1000 to buy) Ancient Statuette - (Tier 3) 1775k - 3750k (Grants 75 blood money when sold, 300 to buy) Ancient Totem - (Tier 2) 1250k - 2500k (Grants 50 blood money when sold, 200 to buy) Ancient Emblem - (Tier 1) 625k - 1250k (Grants 25 blood money when sold, 100 to buy) GOLD AND GOLDEN (All the Max Cash Gold items are extremely rare collectors items) Golden Tinderbox 2147m - 7412m Golden Hammer 2147m - 7412m Golden Needle 2147m - 7412m Golden Fleece 2147m - 7412m Golden Apron 21m - 47m Golden Chef's Hat 21m - 47m Golden Nuggets 2147k - 7412k Gold Bowl 2147m - 7412m Gold Bar 2147gp - 7412gp Gold Ore 2147gp - 7412gp Other RARES AND ITEMS POLLING Polling to introduce Grain Bonesack
  2. The Donator Shop online sometimes fails to load its contents of reward table. 3rd age robe top 1 x 3rd age robe 1 x 3rd age mage hat 1 x 3rd age amulet 1 x 3rd age platelegs 1 x 3rd age platebody 1 x 3rd age full helmet 1 x 3rd age kiteshield 1 x 3rd age wand 1 x 3rd age bow 1 x Lucky impling jar 10 x Dragon impling jar 20 x Ring of wealth scroll 1 x Steam staff upgrade kit 1 x Blood money 200 x PK Point Ticket 400 x Sagacious spectacles 1 x Godsword shard 1 1 x Godsword shard 2 1 x Godsword shard 3 1 x Red partyhat 1 x Yellow partyhat 1 x Blue partyhat 1 x Green partyhat 1 x Purple partyhat 1 x White partyhat 1 x Santa hat 1 x Bunny ears 1 x Green hween mask 1 x Blue hween mask 1 x Red hween mask 1 x Blood money 400 x PK Point Ticket 600 x 3rd age cloak 1 x 3rd age bow 1 x 3rd age longsword 1 x 3rd age wand 1 x Leprechaun hat 1 x Granite clamp 1 x Kodai wand 1 x Ward upgrade kit 1 x Dragon pickaxe upgrade kit 1 x Steam staff upgrade kit 1 x $10 Scroll 1 x Zamorak godsword ornament kit 1 x Saradomin godsword ornament kit 1 x Bandos godsword ornament kit 1 x Ancestral hat 1 x Ancestral robe top 1 x Ancestral robe bottom 1 x Elysian spirit shield 1 x Spectral spirit shield 1 x Arcane spirit shield 1 x Armadyl godsword ornament kit 1 x Dragon cane 1 x