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Mining to 99 by Arezo

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Hers a small mining guide for you guys

 ill be providing the exp per each ore as well, as some tips 


Level 1-15 Copper/tin Ore

Skilling area: 378 XP

Wildy Resource area: NA


Level 15-30 Iron Ore

Skilling Area: 735 XP

Wildy Resource area: 918 XP


Level 30-55 Coal Ore

Skilling Area: 1,050 XP

Wildy Resource area: 1312 XP


Level 55-70 Mithril ore

Skilling Area: 1,680 XP

Wildy Resource area: 2,010 XP


Level 70-99 Addy Ore

Skilling Area: 1,995 XP

Wildy Resource area: 2,493 XP


Alternate 85-99 Rune Ore

Skilling area: NA

Wildy Resource area: 3,280 XP


Some question you may be asking 

Q: Where is the best place to mine?

A:Best place to mind is the Wilderness Resource Area due to the XP bonus if you want to mine here its going to cost 50k for entry also 5k for every time you use the bank


Q: how do i get to Wilderness resource area?

A: PK hotspots> Ardougne Lever> Run south 


Q: Why not Rune to 99?

A: Rune to 99 is not efficient in anyway, there is only 3 rune veins which also take 10 seconds to respawn, So i advise you to go with addy to 99


Enjoy the mad gains !



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