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Current donator perks

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As of june 2017


Current Donator's Perks.

Contributor; Total: $10 
Custom title
Donators won't lose items upon death vs npc combat
::yell 60 sec cooldown 
Special attack and hp restore
2% increased drop rate
5 pkp/kill.
more slots in pos
custom title
healer that restore you hp at home
altar that restores your spec
2x faster cannon and can stock cbal up to 100
wilderness skilling area doesn't charge 25% to note your items
Chance in the raffle lottery
free decant your pots
get more exp of lamps
3X more chance to get logs,herbs,ores out skilling boxes
 + 2 vote points when voting
items on the floor will stay for about 10 minutes in stead of 2
Sponsor; Total: $25/30
::yell 50 cooldown
3.5% increased drop rate
+3 vote points
Supporter; Total: $65/75
::yell 40 cooldown
5% increased drop rate

V.I.P.;Total: $130/150

::yell 30 cooldown

7% increased drop rate


Bonus exp at DZ

more chance of  better items from ckey chest

+5 vote points


Super VIP ;Total: $300

::yell - 20 second cooldown

10% Increased drop rate

10 pkp /kill

Bonus exp at DZ

cost less to cancel slayer tasks

+7 vote points



Remember :



Each higher tier has the perks from the lowers.
So Super VIP also has the spec restore @ chaos altar, hp restore @ healer, and Custom title, more slots at pos









Note :






 Correct me if there are changes.

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Good To see you still working on it, Ill be on while i AFK OSRS :)


message me please.

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