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OS-War is the most innovative rsps with a very loyal community and staff team. If we want to get something done, we will get it done.
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PJ And Run

Hello Os-War Community!

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Hello everyone, i'd like to start by saying this is by far one of the best coded servers i've played on. I normally don't donate much to rsps's but i couldn't help myself on here x'D Nothing much special about me, i'm 20 years old living in illinois. Got a full time job roofing, soon to be working at walmart (getting close to winter). Besides work, bills and gaming there's not much to my life. Some things i used to do can be seen here:

Gymnastics training:


I have not done much in about a year, But i can still do everything here just a bit sloppy x'D then again this was 3 years ago.

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