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Zulrah guide by Wiseoldman

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Wiseoldman's Zulrah Guide








Mage / Range Void - Highest Recorded Time 1:26 /w Trident and Magic Shortbow (Pre Twisted Bow Buff)



This setup is the most optimal for Zulrah. Void range isnt hard to obtain through either Blood Money or Pest control. Obviously you will need to downgrade where possible but you shouldnt really be doing zulrah without essentials such as ahrims if doing this method. NOTE: THIS DOES METHOD DOES NOT WORK WITHOUT A TRIDENT!















Range - Highest Recorded Time 00:53 /w Twisted Bow



Using Range is not an efficient method for Zulrah unless you have a twisted bow as it hits insanely high currently. If you dont have a Twisted Bow but still want to range as you may not have a trident have a magic bow is your next best option. For the gear its self, void once again is the best option to choose. If you do not have void make adjustments where needed as shown below.





















There are three phases within Zulrah. Range, Melee and Mage. The range snake is the first you will encounter at the start of the boss but as you can see within the tutorial video provided it does no damage only spreads gas which for you isnt a problem. The second phase which is the melee phase will once again do no damage providing you are praying melee! And the third phase is mage which sometimes does a range attack during its first appearance and so you will get hit from time to time.






you want to allways mage the Yellow and Red Snake - Range and Melee. As they are weak to magic and unless you have a Twisted Bow range will not hit very often. During the purple phase you want to range and this is where most of your dps will come in as the phases last fairly long and the weapons you use hit high, accurately and fast. The video below shows the route i take around Zulrah and in my opinion is the least effort and most efficient one.












Trying to keep this as short as possible any questions post below or ask in game ill be sure to reply!






(Im Unable to embed the video for some reason sorry for the link)

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