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Best items to go for when you donate guide(advice)!

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       Donating Advice
Only utility in the Tickets Section is 400 donation points and useful for only Partyhat & with an ingame price
of 2500m - 3000m in-game all other partyhats are very cheap in-game ranging from 400m - 1100m 

Only utility in the Boxes Section is only Platinum Tokens for 40,000 which is 26$ 4 more dollars than the 22$ which is 20,000
platinum tokens one for gambling reasons. The Legendary Mystery box should be bought along side membership as this pacakage
comes with 5 Legendary mystery boxes, 10 Mystery boxes although 20 boxes is 48$ this is not worth it as Mboxes and other advantages
are included check it in marketplace. Mystery Boxes can be bought from vote shop with 100 votes therefore even the best
mystery box deal which is 10 for 16 dollars is redundant as your getting quite less than half of the amount you can get via
Votes Shop with Sincere which is 60 for 30

Only utility in the Ranks Section is varying. Only buy to sell, ranks do not stack therefore it is not recommended to purchase
with no intent to sell to other players, checking marketplace for this purpose or otherwise helps.

Only utility in the Legendary Weapons Section I will only explain the suggestion of buying cause of in-game prices is Heavy Ballista, Blowpipe and
Twisted Bow none of the others are worth it.

Only utility in the Money Section is Money not blood money to be honest, Tarn drops 100 blood money every drop in the wilderness.
I know 50OFF works with all items your purchasing it keeps a stable donating fracture as 10$ = 1000m and corroborates me to
compare with other RSPS market and to analyse the integrity of the infrastructure of the OSwar economy.

Only utility in the Pures Section is nothing, Obsidian armour yes great for pures however cheap to purchase in gamee 3$ set being
150m - 300m well in game it is 50m - 100m for set max.

Only utility in the Super Rare Miscellaeneous depends if we should poll all sold here should be capped at 100 permanently in-game
to help old veterans have a long-term cutting edge after reset. This is not because I want to merch the market and become like
"Black Santa" ,which is why im buying 50 of each soon except santas, promise. Santa hat really isn't worth it, Santa Claus
aint real anyway, and you can buy it for 400votes in game and cause its a deficient vote item its 200m - 400m instead of the
400m - 800m per vote going off vote prizes as its obtain a lot through mystery boxes too. 

Only utility in the Epic Armours Section is Dragon platebody, Dragon kiteshield and Ancient wyvern shield only for the reason that they
are difficult to obtain in game. Void bought from doomsayer with blood money and elite void set is inevitable to self-obtain for
completing achievement diaries regarding the player to upgrade 2 pieces of void.

Only utility in the Pets Section are too dependant on your preference to factualise donating proficiency.

Only utility in the Cosmetic items Section is the Music Cape which is 4.5$ with a ingame price of 450m - 900m there is no
other way to obtain this in-game

Only utility in the Misc Section is the Overloads, Nature Amulet, Camulet, Dragon Javelins and Votes.
Others would argue mysterious orb (keys), dexterous scroll and arcane scroll but f them.
Listen to me. Anyways, I wrote this to remind me to edit it later. 

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