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Elite clue guide by Netflix

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These are the elite clue steps so far, if i'm missing any pm me them ingame and I will add them as fast as I can.

This guide is a work in progress, Pictures will be added soon!

1. I am at a place where humans turn into werewolfs.
Canafis - Use ancient spellbook and use the "Kharyll Teleport". Armadyl spawns.

2. I am strong, I am big, I am wild. you can find me in karamja.
Karamja - Use glory to teleport to Karamja. Black Demon spawns.

3. Desert, camels and a bank. where am i?

Al-Kharid bank - Use glory to teleport to Al-Kharid and walk to the bank. Mithril Dragon spawns.

4. I live in a dungeon, waiting to be killed. You can find me in a big castle.

Miscellania - Go to the construction tab, click on teleports and pick "Miscell castle". Walk to the courtyard. Barrelchest spawns

5. I see a castle, as big as a town. Should I bring an anti-fire shield?

Lumbridge - Either use the teleport on standard spellbook or use a teleport tab from the magic store. Nothing spawns.

6. I am a warrior, I always bring full rune with me, I am in a guild.

Warrior's Guild - Go to minigame teleports, pick warrior guild. Walk towards the big room. King Black Dragon spawns.

7. i dig and dig when i wake up. But finding me might be hard.

Unsure about this one (pm if you know exact spot) - I suggest teleporting to giant mole in boss teleports and kill those. That seems to work (BEWARE it's in deep wild)

8. I seek tunnels where my brothers lie in. You must fight me!
Barrows - Go to minigame teleports, pick barrows. Ahrim or Dharok spawns.

9. I am an elemental that roams the wilderness. Where am I?

Deep Wild - Go to boss teleports and teleport to Chaos Elemental. Chaos Elemental spawns.

10. Want to have a beautiful fire cape?
Thzaar cave - Go to minigame teleports, pick fight caves. Saradomin will spawn.

11. I am near a castle in a dark world.
Dark Castle - Teleport to west dragons and walk north east till you see a castle. Zamorak will spawn

12. This one instantly opens.

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