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Fishing to 99 by Arezo

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XLXcrn2.png  Fishing XLXcrn2.png





This guide will show you the best possible ways to get you to the fishing level you desire.



It will tell you all the XP(Regular/Iron man) rates, where to fish them and how much you need for the next major fishing level.






Let's start of with the basics!






There are currently 2 spots where you can fish. The most common one is the fishing area in the skilling zone, you'll start off here when you start the skill. The second place where you can fish is the Wilderness Rescourse Area, and yes this is in deep wilderness so make sure you don't come here with high valued items.






To get the the Skilling zone, use the greater teleportation focus at home.









greater teleportation focus









To get to the Wilderness Rescourse area either use an instant Wilderness rescourse scroll, or use the edgeville lever to get to mage bank, and use the lever there aswell to get to deep wilderness easily. from there you walk to the right untill you find a large cage area, this is the wilderness rescourse area, whenever you're skilling there, you get an 15% increase in any experience that you get!



Also, make sure you have a bit of a cash stack when skilling in the wilderness rescourse area because you need 50.000GP to enter the area and you need 5.000GP to use the bank everytime you open it.






Edgeville lever












Deep wilderness from mage bank












Wilderness Rescourse Area












Now that you know where to start fishing, let me show you where you can fish certain fishes.






Skilling zone












Wilderness Rescourse Area






I've marked the map with dots, the dots will stand for the fishing spots. Below you'll find the fish you can catch at those certain spots.









Red dot: Shrimp and Anchovie(Net), Sardine and Herring(Bait)






Purple dot: Manta ray and Sea Turtle. (Big net, bait is not working)






Green dot: Salmon and Trout (lure), Pike (Bait)






Yellow dot: Lobster (Cage), Tuna and Swordfish (Harpoon)






Orange dot: Monkfish (Net), Shark (Harpoon)






Blue dot: Karambwanji (Net)






Black dot: Karambwan (Karambwan vessel filled with Karambwanji)






Cyan dot: Dark Crab (Lobster pot & Dark bait)









Now that you know where to catch all the fishes available, let's start of with the actual guide shall we.



Below you'll find how much XP you get per fish and how much fish you need to catch before you can advance to the next catchable fish.



If you want to catch a certain fish, click the fishing icon in the skilling tab, this will show you which level you need to catch that fish. The only fish that isn't showing there is the Dark crab.



Dark crabs can be caught at level 85.






XP Table






Shrimp will give you 400 XP each.



Sardine will give you 800 XP each



Karambwanji will give you 800 XP each



herring will give you 800 XP each



Anchovie will give you 400 XP each



Trout will give you 2000 XP each



Pike will give you 2400 XP each



Salmon will give you 2000 XP each



Tuna will give you 3200 XP each



Lobster will give you 3600 XP each



Swordfish will give you 3200 XP each



Monkfish will give you 4800 XP each



Karambwan will give you 5750 XP each



Shark will give you 4800 XP each



Sea turtle will give you 4000 XP each



Manta ray will give you 4000 XP each



Dark crab will give you 6000 XP each






1 to 99, what to fish?






From level 1 to 20 you'll be fishing Shrimp & Anchovies, this will take 12 catches.



From level 20 to 40 you'll be fishing Trout & Salmon, this will take 17 catches.



From level 40 to 76 you'll be fishing Lobsters. this will take 361 catches






From here on you can either choose sharks all the way to 99, or you can go to 85 and fish Dark crabs in the Wilderness Rescourse Area. I've decided to add them both since the dark bait to catch the Dark crabs is sold out most of the time.






From level 76 to 85 you'll be fishing Sharks, this will take 401 catches



From level 76 to 99 you'll be fishing Sharks, this will take 2438 catches



From level 85 to 99 you'll be fishing Dark crabs, this will take 1630 catches.






Dark crabs are currently the best way to go for from level 85, this is because you get about 2 dark crabs every tick. This means you get an full inventory in under 30 seconds.






That's about it for fishing.



Goodluck on your 99 journey!










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