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Crafting to 99 by Arezo

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Hey guys!











To start off I decided to make a guide about my first 99 in OS-War, Crafting, a skill which is a long grind to hit 99!















- Starting money (500k - 1M will do the trick)



- Patience












To start this skill off, you have to be in the skilling area of OS-War which is located in falador. You can easily get there with the teleporter in the home bank!






The teleporter at home!









Click the last option!









When you're at the skilling area in falador, you see 3 NPC's standing next to the cooking range.



The middle one is for crafting!






The crafting NPC!









The NPC has 2 options to choose from, talk & trade. When you talk to the NPC you get an Tanning interface, and when you trade the NPC you will see the store.






The tan interface!












The trade interface!









You can't go straight to cutting gems, you actually need to get level 20 first before you are able to cut the first gem.






Buy around 10 needles and 50 thread to start off. you won't be needing any more of those after you hit level 20. fill the rest of your inventory with cowhides.






Like I showed you earlier. the NPC has 2 options, choose the "Talk" option to open the tanning interface. 



Right click the Soft Leather and choose the "Tan All" option.






Tan your cowhides into Soft Leather!









After you've done that your inventory should look something like this.












Now that you've come so far, it's time to finally earn some XP. 



click the needle on the Soft leather till you get an interface with several craftable items. Because you're level 1 in crafting the only item you are able to craft are leather gloves.












Go ahead and craft your full inventory of leather gloves. 



Each leather gloves crafted grants you an amount of 91 crafting XP. You will need to craft a total of 50 leather gloves to hit level 20. 






You can either choose to stick with leather gloves to level 20, or just choose the highest possible craftable item, it's all up to you.












Now that we are level 20, we are able to cut gems. we will do this all the way up to level 99!






Trade the crafting NPC and buy a chisel, the main tool to cut gems. Fill the rest of your inventory with the highest possible gem you can cut.












- Sapphire [Level 20]



- Emerald[Level 27]



- Ruby [Level 34]



- Diamond [Level 43]



- Dragonstone [Level 55]






XP per cut






- Sapphire [350 XP]



- Emerald [469 XP]



- Ruby [595 XP]



- Diamond [749 XP]



- Dragonstone [959 XP]






Amount for certain levels






- From 20 to 27 you're cutting Sapphires, this will take 16 gems.



- From 27 to 34 you're cutting Emeralds, this will take 23 gems.



- From 34 to 43 you're cutting Rubies, this will take 51 gems.



- From 43 to 55 you're cutting Diamonds, this will take you 156 gems.



- from 55 to 99 you're cutting Dragonstones, this will take you 13.418 gems.












Miscellaneous [NOT RECOMMENDED!]






Crafting items out of dragonhides is another way to gain XP, most of the time people don't have to amount of dragonhides to craft, and you can only buy them from other players which will obviously be very expensive. 






If you choose to go to 99 with dragonhides, here are the XP gains per item.






Green Dragonhide






- Vambraces [434 XP, 1 hide used]



- Chaps [868 XP, 2 hides used]



- Body [1302, 3 hides uses]






Blue Dragonhide






- Vambraces [490 XP, 1 hide used]



- Chaps [980 XP, 2 hides used]



- Body [1470, 3 hides uses]






Red Dragonhide






- Vambraces [546 XP, 1 hide used]



- Chaps [1092 XP, 2 hides used]



- Body [1638, 3 hides uses]






Black Dragonhide






- Vambraces [602 XP, 1 hide used]



- Chaps [1204 XP, 2 hides used]



- Body [1806, 3 hides uses]












You need alot of patience for 99 crafting. It will take you around 7-8 hours from 1 to 99 with full focus.






Goodluck on getting your 99 crafting!







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